Google Translation

  • Google Translate is a free multilingual translation service provided to translate text, speech, images or real-time video from one language to another. Blackboard has two types of Google translators available for Web Community Manager websites. Talk with your designer to see which version would would work best for you. 


    Google Branded Translator (recommended) 
    This branded inpage solution utilizes Google's JavaScript based website translator plugin. It's functionality is very close to Google's paid-for API-based translation service. This option can not be custom styled, but provides an excellent user experience. The chosen language is remembered as the user navigates through the website, which is very convenient. Note that this solution does not translate PDF documents.


    Google Frameset Translator

    The frameset solution utilizes Google's external translation service located at This translator can be styled to match your Made To Order Template. The frameset will redraw the page when it translates at Google's domain. Note that this solution can and has caused various issues with complex embeds. Note that this solution does translate PDF documents.

Google Translate