Module Library Apps

  • In addition to the standard apps available within Web Community Manager, we also offer a variety of custom apps. These apps live in our Module Library and site administrators can easily download and import the apps to their website. Once imported, administrators can manage app privileges. These are some of our most popular apps with sought after functionality that can add significant value to your website.

    Not seeing an existing app that does what you need or want? Learn more about our completely custom apps, built just for you!

    Module Library Apps can be downloaded here or by clicking the Download button on each individual app page. Hoping to see something specific in our Module Library in the future? Use the form below to share your app ideas with Creative Services!

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Paid App FAQs

  • Why do these apps cost money?

  • Are paid apps a one time fee, annual fee or both?

  • Can these apps be used on both Design Ready and Made to Order templates?

  • What are the benefits of buying these apps?

  • How often do you launch new apps?

  • I have ideas for new apps. Can I submit those somewhere?