Font Modifications for Design Ready Templates

  • Because Design Ready templates have a centralized CSS and receive automatic maintenance and universal updates, Creative Services is not able to make significant alterations to the appearance or functionality of an existing template. However, we do offer a font modification service for organizations who wish to alter the style or appearance of fonts on a particular Design Ready template.

    Fonts have a major impact on the overall aesthetic of a website, and are strategically utilized to give templates a desired style, whether that is traditional, modern, playful, sophisticated, etc. A heavy, bold, sans serif font may give a website a modern, edgy look, while a delicate serif font will come across as traditional, sophisticated, or luxurious. 

    At Blackboard, we understand the importance of consistent branding and having a beautiful and cohesive web presence that accurately reflects your organization's style and values. If you find a Design Ready template that is a great fit for your organization, but need or want to alter the fonts in order to achieve the perfect look, we can help! Simply contact your sales representative or the Web Community Manager Support team for more information.

  • Service Scope & Process:

    • Font changes are purchased via a small, one-time fee.
    • Once purchased, a member of Creative Services will reach out to confirm which fonts on the template you want to replace and what you want to replace them with. You may choose any Google font or provide free or purchased custom fonts.
    • We cannot modify fonts until after the Design Ready template has been licensed, and the font changes are template specific. If you change templates, or want to unify fonts across multiple templates, keep in mind that the fee is per template.
    • If you only want to update fonts in certain areas, that is perfectly fine. The fee is the same regardless of whether we change multiple fonts, one font, etc.
    • We do not adjust font sizes. Adjusting font sizes can cause spacing and display issues on desktop or breakpoint views.
    • In order to make font adjustments, Creative Services must add code to the system settings head content (within site manager). If someone in your organization deletes or modifies the code, we will not fix/re-add it for free. 
Font Changes Image