• The Template Configuration Service is designed to assist you in setting up and configuring your Design Ready template (MyWay Premium or MyWay Ultra). Whether you purchased a single template or a subscription to the entire template library, this service is the foundation for a sucessful template launch.

Template Configuration Service

  • Our goal for the Template Configuration Service is to assist you in setting up and configuring your Design Ready Template (MyWay Premium or MyWay Ultra). The service includes a consultation with a UI/UX Designer who will train your team on how to do the following:

    • Download and license a template (if you haven't already)
    • Change the template’s default color scheme
    • Utilize the Template Configuration Window to modify template options, apply logos, link social media icons, etc
    • Set up a new Multimedia Gallery App for each subsite and upload photos
    • Upload imagery like logos, background photos, and custom global icons to the template files and folders
    • Publish the new template
    • Make any needed “post publish” modifications to content, such as moving apps around on the homepage so that they better fit the new layout (for existing BB clients who are upgrading their template)
    • The designer will also provide various template related resources and help materials, ensuring that your team has access to all relevant size dimensions and needed instructions


    Collecting Assets

    As you prepare to launch your new template, there are certain assets you'll need to gather:

    • Photos and/or videos for each school/subsite's homepage gallery
    • Color schemes for each school/subsite
      • If you have a large number of schools/subsites, you may want to consider creating a spreadsheet that lists out colors for each site. There are many color configurable areas on Design Ready templates, but knowing a Primary color, Secondary color and Accent color for each site is a great way to get started.
    • Logos and taglines for each school/subsite
    • Social media icons and global icons for each school/subsite
    • Addresses and contact information for each school/subsite


    Best Practices

    We want to make sure you get the most out of your new template! Following these recommendations will ensure your site looks great:

    • Always follow the required/recommended size dimensions for photos, logos and custom icons. Best practice information for streaming video is located in the Template Documentation for any templates that include it.
    • File sizes for imagery such as logos and photos should always be kept under 1MB
    • Headlines & Features accent images tend to look best when consistent sizes are used. Some templates have flexible dimensions, but sizing all of your accent images consistently will give your content an organized and streamlined appearance.
    • If you have a MyWay Ultra template, turning on the High Contrast toggle will safeguard against any accidental color contrast violations
    • Social media feeds tend to display better in skinnier columns
    • Don't forget to update your template!
Template Configuration Service
  • Helpful Resources:

    • Refer to the Template Documentation found on each template's demo site for size dimensions, recommended app placement, and instructions on how to edit your template via the Template Configuration Window.
    • The Region Map, found on each template's demo site, is a visual guide that will aid you in setting up your homepage content 
    • Need assistance with converting your logo to a transparent PNG? View our Pixlr Editor guide.
    • Want to ensure that your color scheme meets ADA color contrast requirements? This online resource will help!
    • For additional resources, visit the demo site for your template