Design Ready Template Tiers

  • A Design Ready template is designed to be configured and set up with minimal effort. Our user-friendly interface (Template Configuration Window) makes it incredibly easy to change color schemes, logos, global icons and more, all within a preview environment.

    You can choose to license a single template or purchase a subscription to the entire template library, which grants you instant access to new templates and enables you to license as many templates as you want. All Design Ready templates receive automatic maintenance. If a new browser version is released, accessibility requirements change, or a template defect is reported, a universal template update will be made. Subscribe to template update notifications for your template(s) to stay informed.

    Need help deciding which template tier is the best fit for your organization? We've got you covered. Click the button below to view a comparison chart. Looking for more clarification on the bulleted items for each tier? Our feature definition page provides a brief description and live examples of each item listed on the comparison chart.

Design Ready Templates