Client Satisfaction

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Client Satisfaction

What our clients are saying...

  • "This project has been a DREAM from start to finish! I cannot say enough about Blackboard's process, their product, and most of all- their PEOPLE! I am not a creative person- so designing a website was something I wanted so badly but it was completely intimidating to me. Marcy (and the trainers, too!) made it so fun and easy! Everything from the feedback tools on the template design to the implementation call at the end was user friendly and just fantastic! Adam has been so willing to answer my questions and make adjustments where needed. As we are entering the final stages of launching the site, I feel 100 percent supported and want to pass along my highest praise and recommendation. THANK YOU ALL!!"

    - Heather Kendrick, Conway Public Schools

    "I was the challenge. I kept pushing back the timeline and changing my mind on the template. The Bb team is so amazing and patient. Once we finally did the design meeting, Tony was amazing! He did a lot of the work for me that I was afraid I was going to have to do to get everything set up. He had great tips and suggestions. He made the process much less intimidating and I felt very supported."

    - Sabreana Smith, Community ISD

    "Tony was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and thorough, and really took his time with me to make sure I was comfortable with the re-design. I give him five stars!"

    - Felicia Febrizio, Oyster Bay-East Norwich CSD


    "Kyle was WONDERFUL to work with - even before we began! I had to reschedule - around the holidays - due to a sick child. Kyle was flexible and helpful to find a time that worked for both of us. He was extremely personable during our session to help ensure I understood all facets of our training. He was also patient, as I am not a tech expert, but helped me to learn! Much appreciative of his time, efficiency, and personability in this process!"

    - Brandi Paul, Westside Community Schools


    "Marcy has been a constant help throughout our transition to a new template. Whenever I have a question or need guidance, I simply email or call Marcy and she is there for me. One of the best designers I have worked with during our time with Schoolwires/Blackboard. She is knowledgeable and provides a calming voice during a somewhat stressful changeover time period."

    - Chris Lordi, Delaware Valley SD


    "Tony was absolutely amazing and extremely helpful and transparent during the design process. Chad was great throughout the template selection process. Everything from top to bottom was just excellent and we are extremely happy with our new template!"

    - Chris Morgan, Thornton Township High School District 205