Advanced Styler Training

  • In our Advanced Styler Training, you learn how to code a template just like a Blackboard Developer. We'll teach you how to utilize all of the tools that Styler has to offer to create your own custom look or to spruce up an existing template design. We'll also teach you the in's and out's of how to use your template to customize the look of any Web Community Manager app. 

    A basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is required for this training.

    The purpose of this training is to introduce Site Directors and other key individuals to the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) inside Web Community Manager called Styler. The training covers all aspects of template creation, styling and deployment. The training also covers responsive development techniques as well as planning and developing for accessibility both at a basic level as it pertains to Styler.

    Upon completion of this training, you should be able to perform these tasks.

    • Launch and navigate Web Community Manager Styler.
    • Build a framework for a custom template. 
    • Style your custom template adhering to Blackboard's best practice standards. 
    • Apply your custom template to your organization’s Web Community Manager Site. 
    • Manage your Homepage app layout.