Template 'End of Life' Process

  • As web design trends change and evolve, it's necessary to continually evaluate our library of Design Ready templates and retire the designs that we feel are no longer meeting our standards for quality and user experience. Even the best designs have a shelf life, and we are committed to ensuring that all templates we offer are providing your users with the best possible experience. Accessibility, responsiveness, functionality, age of the template, and browser compatibility are just a few of the criteria we evaluate when determining when to retire a template.

    When a template is officially "retired," we continue to support that template for 6 months (or longer if specified). This includes pushing out template updates, resolving accessibility defects, etc. There is no need for you to immediately change your template. Even after the 6+ month window, you can continue to use a retired template for as long as you like, though the template will no longer receive universal updates. In general, most templates are 6 or more years old before we retire them. We do take template popularity into consideration and may wait considerably longer to retire a template if it is being used by a large number of organizations.


    What does "retire" mean?

    When a template is "retired" we remove that design from our library and prevent it from being downloaded or licensed. This only impacts new clients and clients who have not already downloaded or licensed the template. If you have already downloaded or licensed a template prior to it being retired, you will retain access to that template. No template will ever "disappear" from your licensed templates tab (or just suddenly stop working). The goal is to minimize further use of the template without impacting clients already using it.


    How will you know if your template gets retired?

    When we retire a template, we take a variety of steps to ensure that anyone using the design is notified as soon as possible. In additon to notifying your sales representative, who can then directly notify the appropriate contacts at the district, we also post "end of life" information in the following locations:

    • This page
    • Within the 'On Screen Alert' pop up window on the applicable template's demo site
    • The Template Updates page on the applicable template's demo site

    In addition, if we know in advance that certain templates are going to be retired within the current year, we will proactively communicate and post that information as well, ideally as soon as possible.


    Do I have to buy a new template if mine gets retired?

    As mentioned above, you can continue to utilize a retired template for as long as you like, but we encourage you to consider moving to a fully supported template as soon as you are able. There are several options to consider:

    We recommend discussing options with your sales representative to see which template will be the best fit for your needs, budget and timeline.

Retired Templates