Logo Refresh

  • Whether you need to remove a colored background on your logo or be able to scale it up in size without impacting the quality, we have you covered. Our Logo Refresh service is ideal for clients who already have a logo concept, but need a high resolution or vector version of their logo. Our designers will recreate your logo and provide file formats that will enable you to use your logo for web, print, signage and more.

Norwin Knights
Cedar Ridge
Mockingbird Mavericks
Town Center Texans
Denton Creek Trailblazers
Bell Logo

A satisfied district shares...

  • "I’m writing to thank you again for your work to design the Norwin School District logo, which we were able to use on an 8-foot tension display that was debuted today. The display made a wonderful impression on our 150 community guests at today’s third-annual Business-Education-Community Program at Norwin School District. Thanks for the quality job done in a timely fashion for us.

    I hold in high esteem the work of graphic artists, because they create communication pieces that have the effect of immediate and motivating conveyance of ideas -- and you are the best of the best."

    Jonathon Szis
    Norwin School District