Custom Apps

  • Web Community Manager offers a wide variety of existing apps to choose from, both free and for purchase. We understand, however, that your organization may have unique needs that require custom functionality. In these cases, the ideal solution is for our award winning development team to build you a custom application from scratch. Custom apps can range from slight modifications to the functionality of an existing WCM app, to something completely new and never before done.

    This page contains examples of apps we've built for customers based on their unique design specifications and needs. If you are interested in pursuing a custom app and want to learn more about price, timeline, etc., please reach out to your project manager or sales representative.

Custom App FAQs

  • Are custom apps a one time fee, annual fee or both?

  • Can custom apps be used on both Design Ready and Made to Order templates?

  • What are the benefits of a custom app?

  • I'm interested in discussing a custom app. Who do I contact?