Subscribe to Module Library App Updates

  • Our Module Library apps require updates when accessibility guidelines change, when new WCM features change, etc. We have a subscription service available via your user account settings that allows you to subscribe to updates for the app(s) that you have in use. When an update has been applied to a Module Library app that you have subscribed to, you will receive an email with the release information that you will be able to review before clicking the "Update" button for the app.

    How to Subscribe:

    1. If you have not yet registered, register for the CERC website.
    2. Sign in to the CERC website.
    3. Click "Edit Account Settings" in the header.
    4. Click "Subscriptions" in the left sidebar.
    5. Click "Manage" button in right content area.
    6. Click "Other Areas" tab in pop-up window.
    7. Choose "Creative" in first dropdown option.
    8. Choose "Module Library" in second dropdown option.
    9. Check boxes for apps that you would like to receive updates for (example below).
    10. Click "I'm Done" and that's it!


    Module Library Subscription Options


Updating Your App

  • Not sure how to update your app? Follow these simple steps:

    1. Log in to your WCM website.
    2. Click Configure > Apps in the left panel.
    3. Click "Custom Apps" tab in the header.
    4. Here you will see your custom and/or Module Library apps. If there is an update available for your app, an "Update" button will appear under Actions (example below).
    5. Click "Update" and you're all done!


    Module Library App Update Instructions