Our Process

  • You will begin by meeting with a member of Creative Services to outline requirements for your new custom app. Once the specifications have been fully outlined, a statement of work (SOW) will be provided to you for services. Once approved, we will begin the custom application design/development process. The functionality of the custom application will be designed and developed to match the specifications as outlined in the SOW. After design and development are complete, the application will go through an aggressive QA process testing browser compatibility, user interaction, app management, mobile compatibility, and accessibility. The application will then be applied to your site and available for use with any template within Web Community Manager.

  • Kickoff Meeting Preparation

    This is where you talk about gathering specific requirements. Think about how you want it to function based on needs.

      • Provided examples from the web
      • Specific Goals
      • Where it will live
      • Type of content you are trying to show
Process Image