MMG vs Streaming Video

  • With so many Interactive Elements to choose from, you may be comparing similar elements and wondering which one is the best fit for you. We are often asked what the main differences are between our Multimedia Gallery App (MMG) and Streaming Video, since both display videos. The breakdown below helps illustrate the differences between these two functionality features.

Multimedia Gallery App (MMG)

    • Available on both Made to Order and Design Ready templates
    • Is a custom app that must be placed in the designated content region for the template
    • Is managed via the 'homepage area' in site manager
    • Allows for rotating photos and embedded videos
      • Embedded videos do not autoplay
      • Users must click a video link in order to play the video
      • Videos are displayed in a pop-up window on the website
      • A static photo is shown initially as a representation of the video
      • Works with any third party video vendor that supports iFrame embeds
    • Titles, captions, and links can be added per photo/video/record

Streaming Video

    • Available on Made to Order templates and some Design Ready MyWay Ultra templates
    • Must be custom coded into a template - is not an app
    • Is managed via the Template Configuration Window in site manager
    • Allows for auto play/streaming videos that play upon page load
      • Users must click a pause button to stop the video
      • Options available for audio and playing video in a separate window
      • Supports videos from several third party vendors, including YouTube, Vimeo, and MyVRSpot (additional vendors are available on custom templates)
      • Gets added to the template via a video ID
      • Videos do not autoplay on breakpoints/mobile - options to upload a static photo on mobile or users can tap video to play
    • A singular title, caption, and link can be displayed in conjunction with the video (if desired)