Vaccination Information App

  • The Vaccine Information App connects parents with trusted information about the COVID-19 vaccine, allows users to locate nearby vaccination appointments, and provides access to resources and frequently asked questions. This information is displayed through widgets provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which can be easily embedded on any webpage. There are a variety of widgets to choose from within the app options, including Spanish versions.

    Blackboard is not responsible for the content or aesthetic appearance of these widgets, as they are provided by a third party. The Vaccination Information App is only intended to simplify the process of embedding these widgets on your webpage. Some widgets are left aligned, while others are designed to center within the content region. All widgets are a fixed size, so it's important to place your widget in a content region wide enough to accommodate it on both desktop and breakpoints in order to avoid content being cropped.

    To learn more about these widgets and the information they provide, visit 

Widget 1:

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Widget 2:

Widget 3 - (available in Spanish only):

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