Rollover Button App - What's Changed?

  • Creative Services recently launched a new Module Library App - the Rollover Button App. In the past, we sold a custom version of the Rollover Button App, and due to it's popularity, we made the decision to turn this app into a Module Library App. Apps that live in our Module Library are more easily supported and updated than stand alone custom apps. In order for an app to be successful in our Module Library, it must be as configurable and flexible as possible. For that reason, we made several improvements and additions to the new Module Library version of the Rollover Button App. This page is designed to help you better understand the differences between the two apps (we no longer sell the old version, so this infomration is intended primarily for those who may have the old version of the app and are interested in learning more about what has changed)

  • Differences & Improvements

    Appearance (Front End)

    • The title text no longer displays in a colored bar. It’s now centered within the button shape.
    • There is no longer a button border.
    • The title text does not show on hover. Only the caption text displays on hover.
    • The font is no longer hardcoded. It now pulls from the template, which means the app will seamlessly match any design.
    • In addition to the circle button shape, there is now a square option as well.
    • The new app includes three text size options for title text and caption text so you can choose an appropriate font size based on your content and purpose.
    • The dialogue box on mobile that directs users to tap the button again to access the URL has a cleaner appearance (more subtle drop shadow).
    • Opacity controls enable the creation of solid color buttons with no photo showing. 

    Configurability (Back End)

    • The new app has a Settings button where most configuration options live. This enables the user to set their colors, animation effects, text sizes, button alignment, etc., in one location rather than having to enter it for each individual record. This provides an improved editing experience with organized, intuitive configuration options, and saves the user considerable time when creating multiple buttons.
    • The new app includes all previous configuration options plus many more – app name alignment, button layout, button alignment, button justification, button margins, button shape, title and caption text sizes, colors for all text and overlays/underlays, and opacity for overlays/underlays.

    What stayed the same?

    • The new app is the same price as the old one (one time fee and annual maintenance fee)
    • Both apps have the same animation options when you hover over the button.
    • Both apps are accessible and fully responsive, though the new app has more flexibility with color and opacity and is therefore easier to make color contrast compliant.
    • On breakpoints, the user experience is the same – you’ll tap the button once to see the caption text and again to go to the URL. A dialogue box directs you to tap again.
    • On the back end, you still have the same basic options to create new records, edit, sort, delete, etc.
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