Rollover Button App

  • Utilize the Rollover Button App to create dynamic, stylish buttons for a wide range of purposes. One of our most configurable apps to date, the Rollover Button App includes options for button size, shape, alignment, hover animation, colors, opacity, text size and more! These options are located at the app level under Settings, while options such as title and caption text, imagery, and URLs get added at the record level (per button). Whether you want to promote programs, highlight students or faculty, create attractive quick links, or showcase news, the Rollover Button App's versatility knows no bounds! This app requires a fee to use. Please contact our sales team for more information on purchasing this app.

    Familiar with the previous (custom) version of the Rollover Button App? Learn more about how the previous and new versions compare.

    Pro Tip: Utilize this app to add visual interest and interactivity on a homepage or subpage. The Horizontal Layout displays best in a wide content region, while the Vertical Layout is ideal for stacking buttons in skinnier columns. Think about your title and caption text in conjunction with button size to ensure all your text fits in the available space. Consider color contrast when choosing text and background colors for your buttons. Though the app will crop rectangular photos as needed, cropping your imagery into a square shape prior to upload is recommended for the best outcome. The Blackboard Image Editor makes sizing and cropping images easy.

Example: Logos/Mascots

Example: Faculty

Example: Icons

Example: Audience Based

Example: Quick Links