Multimedia Collage App

  • The Multimedia Collage app is a responsive media collage that displays images and embedded videos on any device and provides top-notch accessibility for all users. Image dimensions are flexible (portrait or landscape), but all images within a collage need to be consistent in size. The collage will automatically assume the width of the region it is placed in, but a maximum width can also be set within the app. Configuration options for colors, opacity, alignment, layout, and the mobile display can be found under Settings. This app requires a fee to use. Please contact our sales team for more information on purchasing this app.

    Pro Tip: Utilize this app to add visual interest and interactivity on a homepage or subpage. The Horizontal Layout (6 records) displays best in a large, one column content region, while the Vertical Layout (3 or 6 photos) is ideal in smaller content regions. For long captions, aim to use taller photos. If you intend to keep captions short, your images can be any size. Just be sure to size all 6 images consistently. The Blackboard Image Editor makes sizing and cropping images easy.

    Note: The Multimedia Collage App cannot be utilized in place of the Multimedia Gallery App in the main photo rotator region on a homepage (unless you have a custom template that has been specifically designed and developed to accomodate both app types)

Example: Horizontal Layout

    Example: Vertical Layout

      Example: Vertical Layout (videos)

        Example: Vertical Layout (static)