Custom Apps vs Interactive Elements

  • With Web Community Manager we talk a lot about Interactive Elements and Custom Apps. You may be wondering what the difference is between the two, or which one is better suited to meet your needs. We're here to help! 

Interactive Element

    • Adds engagement and interactive functionality to an area within a template
    • Content is typically managed via the Template Configuration Window (when appplicable)
    • Can only be added to Made to Order templates
    • Is not a stand-alone solution, is part of the template code
    • Is applied to specific content/apps and/or to a specific content region in a template
    • Cannot be moved to other pages or content regions
    • Fixed price with no annual maintenance fee
    • Is template specific and cannot migrate from one template to another

Custom App

    • Adds content, engagement and interactive functionality to any area within a site
    • Content is managed within the app
    • Can be added to sites with any template type (Made to Order or Design Ready)
    • Is a stand-alone solution, not part of the template code
    • Is content itself and is not applied to a specific content region
    • Can be placed on any page or within any content region and can be moved at any time
    • Custom quoted price and requires an annual maintenance fee
    • Is not template specific


  • Multimedia Gallery is in fact an app, but in situations where custom styling is applied to make it appear a certain way, it is then also considered an Interactive Element. The custom styling applied to the app is the Interactive Element in these cases.

    The External Link Disclaimer is available for both Made to Order and Design Ready templates