Important Announcement App

  • The Important Announcement app allows a district to add alert notifications along the top of a webpage that the app is placed on. The app can be placed in any content region on the page (that accepts all app types). Colors are controlled within the app for each alert. Color options include background color, icon color, text color and link color. A content manager can choose a custom icon or an icon from the Blackboard Icon Library, as seen in the Template Configuration window in Web Community Manager. Place this app on a homepage or subpage, stack multiple announcement bars on top of one another, or use sharing functionality to showcase the same content on multiple pages or sites.

    *Note: If the announcement bar fails to show on your page, try moving the app to a new content region. Some templates include homepage content regions that only accept specific apps, so this app may not work if placed in one of those regions.

    Pro Tip: Because this app displays at the top of the page and pushes other content down, we recommend keeping your announcements short. The On Screen Alert feature (built into site manager under Tools) is ideal for emergency announcements, while this app works great for important "everyday" announcements and notifications. Color the bar to match your template, or use a bright prominent color to draw the user's eye. If you include multiple links, a simple vertical divider line (|) between each link is a great way to visually separate them.

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  • Check out the Important Announcement App example (blue bar) at the top of this page


    Announcement Bar

    Announcement Bar