Icons – Vertical App

  • The Icons – Vertical app displays a series of links/buttons where each includes an icon image with optional icon text. A content manager can choose a custom icon or an icon from the Blackboard icon library as seen in the Template Configuration Window in Web Community Manager. Each icon image can be set to custom dimensions to be as small or large as necessary. The Icons – Vertical app displays icons as a stacked list with each icon aligned left of the text.

    Pro Tip: This app can be used in a variety of ways. Upload custom icons for a unique look, or display logos, photos or graphics. Not loving the location or styling of the global icons on your template? Simply set your number of global icons to 0 within the template and add icons via this app to your desired location. Find recommended icon, photo and graphic resources here.

Example: Library Icons

  • Calendar
  • Bus Routes
  • Mobile App
  • Lunch Menus

Example: Custom Icons

  • Grades
  • Athletics
  • Our Schools

Example: Logos/Mascots

  • West High School
  • East High School

Example: Photos

  • Career Readiness
  • Performing Arts