Made to Order Template Packages

  • Each Made to Order template is unique, designed specifically for your district/organization. When you purchase a Made to Order template, a designer will work with you to showcase your brand and educational vision.

    Regardless of which Made to Order template level you select, here is what it will include:

    • Responsive displays, accommodating every size device
    • Ability to add a unique logo/mascot to each site
    • Access to a library of global icons and the ability to upload custom icons
    • Option to apply the template to as many sites as you wish
    • Google translation that includes 100+ languages
    • A search feature
    • Intuitive and user friendly mobile menu
    • Will meet all current ADA requirements
    • Direct collaboration with an experienced UI/UX Designer from start to finish - Learn more about the custom template process here

Maintenance Package

  • As browsers and accessibility requirements change, you need to ensure that your Made to Order Template has the most comprehensive feature set available. Our Made to Order Regulatory Maintenance Package ensures just that.

  • Not sure which Made to Order template package is the right choice for your organization? We can help.

    Made to Order templates are designed and developed from scratch to meet your organization's specific needs. The main differentiator between Diamond and Sapphire templates is the number of included Interactive Elements. Interactive Elements (IEs) are premium functionality features that add considerable value and 'wow factor' to a website. These elements can help organize content, make your website more engaging, and enhance the user's experience.

    A Diamond template includes your choice of five Interactive Elements, and a Sapphire template includes three. When you purchase a Made to Order template, you'll work directly with an experienced UI/UX designer who will help you decide which Interactive Elements are the best fit for your organization based on your needs. Though you do not need to choose your desired Interactive Elements in advance, we recommend previewing popular Interactive Elements to get an idea of how many IEs you may need/want. This will help determine if a Diamond template or Sapphire template is the better fit. If you realize after purchasing a Sapphire or Diamond template that you want additional Interactive Elements, don't worry! You can add IEs as an add-on at any time during design, development, or in the future.

    In additon to the Interactive Elements example page referenced above, you can also use the Show Filter Options button on the Made to Order portfolio page to view live client websites with specific Interactive Elements included. Still not sure if you should choose Diamond or Sapphire? We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have!