Content Accordion

  • Art Club

  • Photography Club

  • Yearbook

  • Student Council

  • Future Business Leaders (FBLA)

  • Environmental Club

  • What it does:

    Collapses content into a series of expandable records.

    Designed for:

    Pages that hold a lot of information, to help visitors more easily locate what they are looking for. Instead of a sea of text, just the titles show until a user clicks one (or chooses Expand All).

    Common uses:

    • FAQs
    • Lists where each item has a lengthy description (such as student clubs, teachers of the year, etc.)
    • Categories of resources (parent links/staff links, health forms/athletic forms, etc.)
    • Any long text that can be broken down into parts - programs, policies, procedures, etc.

    Best practices:

    Make clicking the title worthwhile. If all that's under it is one line of text, it probably should just go in a regular Content app.