Mass Notifications Online Training

  • Participants will gain an understanding of user account information, the basics of sending messages using multiple delivery methods and running resports on tracking messages, bad phone or email addresses and messages to various contacts.


    Here are the goals of the Basic Mass Notification course.

    • Understand user account information.
    • Send messages using multiple delivery methods.
    • Run reports on tracking messages.


    Here are the goals of the Advanced Mass Notification course.

    • Creating groups of recipients from a simple and advanced search
    • Selecting recipients from a map
    • Sending a Message from an uploaded List
    • Using Merge Tags with phone messages
    • Sending a message using message templates
    • Creating and sending a survey
    • Finding Assistance
Online Training
    • Format: Live trainer offers private session via webinar platform (Blackboard Collaborate)
    • Audience: Up to 15 participants 
    • Length: Up to 2 hours per session
    • Times: 9 am, 12, 3 pm Eastern Time are available to schedule private sessions.