Content Migration

  • Migrating content from your current site to the new Blackboard Web Community Manager site is a great training exercise! However, if you’re experiencing time constraints, lack of resources or sheer content volume, you can purchase our service to move your content. We will migrate content from one domain and migration does not include Classroom or Teacher sites.

    District Responsibilities

    • Provide content analysis and mapping to Blackboard on a spreadsheet; eliminating redundant, outdated information
    • Files provided in a ZIP format for pages containing 40 or more file links. File names should not contain symbols.
    • Calendar events in .csv file format
    • Staff Directory and other data base records in .csv format
    • Final formatting may need to be adjusted by the district
    • Each Forms & Survey = 10 pages and Each Minibase = 10 pages which count towards total pages migrated
    • Limit 10 file (PDF) links per page
Content Migration