MyConnect Portals

  • There are two types of MyConnect portals: open and closed.

    • Closed: Your contacts would authenticate via ID number and link their Recipient account with their Portal account in order to control their messaging preferences
    • Open: Anyone with the link can sign up to add their phones and email addresses to your contact list

    In closed MyConnect portals, the data (phone numbers, email addresses, and text message numbers) can either be freely edited or restricted. We offer both read-only and partial read-only closed MyConnect portals. In read-only portals, recipients can set their preferences for how they are contacted, but cannot update their contact info. In partial read-only portals, recipients can update some of their contact info but not all.

    When portal users are involved, the data stored in MyConnect becomes irrelevant for those contacts; the data that shows in MyConnect is what is used for message sending.

Setting up MyConnect

Closed K-12 MyConnect Portals