Before You Begin...

  • As you begin preparing for your website project Kick Off, here are a few items to consider:

    1. Review the Getting Started Bundle Training information for Site Admin 1, Site Admin 2, and Managing Section Workspace. Check your schedule for availability. We typically recommend scheduling one 2hr training session per week to absorb material from the session before attending the next session.
    2. Depending on the design package you have purchased browse through the Design Ready Templates or Made to Order Portfolio to preview example designs. Start to think about which design features are most important to your district.
    3. Begin evaluating your current content to determine what is relevant and what is outdated.
    4. Think about the date that you would like to Go Public with your new site. The average implementation timeframe is 8 weeks, however, your Project Manager will work with you to shorten or extend the plan according to your schedule.