Site Launch Consultation

  • Site Launch Consultation (SLC) is an add-on service that can be purchased for onsite delivery in your district or virtually.  

    An experienced Blackboard K-12 trainer will work with your core website team to analyze content on your current site; creating strategies for migrating it to the Blackboard Web Community Manager (WCM). Key focuses are ensuring consistency for district stakeholders as well as reviewing best practices, maximized use of WCM features, and ADA compliance.


    Objective: Prepare for Site Launch Consultation (if purchased).

    • Schedule or confirm dates for Site Launch Consultation*

    *Prerequisites are completion of online training sessions: Site Administrator I, Site Administrator II, and Managing the Section Workspace

    • Virtual3-hour Go-To-Meeting session:
      • The goal is to get your core website team started setting up your site using best practices.
      • You and your team will move most of the content from your current site to your Blackboard Web Community Manager site after this virtual session.
    • Onsite - About SLC and topics covered:
      • Review of WCM prerequisite trainings
      • Site Structure and Navigation
        • Development of custom Page Types and Section Configurations
        • Creation of District Channels & Sections
        • Creation of Subsite (School) Channels & Sections
      • Creation of Consistent Homepage Content: District & Schools
      • Utilizing WCM Tools and Apps as desired: Forms, MiniBase, Friendly Web Address, Social Settings
      • Content Migration Instruction, Best Practices and Strategies
      • Additional Training (time allowing)
      • Development of Completion Plan

    *Due to COVID, all Sessions are currently Virtual until further notice.


    Tasks to Complete

    • Ensure core website team has user accounts and discuss LDAP process with Project Manager (if purchased).
    • Begin preparing high level navigation structure in Word or Excel document. Gather files, images, website content, and staff listings. Note – We recommend waiting until the trainer is onsite with you before setting up channels, sections, and pages.