Mandatory Setup for Automated App Deployments

  • We’ve launched an automated process that will allow us to update your app faster in the App Store and in Google Play. In order to get the latest and greatest features and functionality, you’ll need to complete this mandatory, one-time setup process. Once you complete this process, we’ll be able to simplify and push out automated deployments using the Fastlane® open source platform, and you’ll be able to receive future updates. This process is mandatory in order to receive any future updates to your app.


    What does this process require before you begin?

    1. Making sure you have at least 20 minutes to complete this process.
    2. Ensuring you have administrator access to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
    3. Logging in and confirming you can see the options provided in the instructions.
    4. Verifying that your Apple Developer membership is active for your app to be live on the AppStore and have access to the newest version. If your membership has expired, enable auto-renew or renew. Watch instructional video for verifying membership.
    5. Verifying that all Apple agreements are active and up to date for free and paid. Select "Agreements, Tax, and Banking" to review each pending agreement.
    6. Following these additional instructions to ensure your App Store Development Account is up to date.

    How to generate the API key for iOS


    Create the API Key in App Store Connect and upload secrets into the Communications Web Interface to create the JWT token for authorization.

    Create a new App Store Connect API Key

    1. Visit App Store Connect and sign in using the account holder role.
    2. Go to Users and Access, then select the blue Keys tab.
    3. Select Request Access and submit
    4. Select the Generate API key or use the Add (+) button.
    5. Create a name for the key. This name is for your reference only and not part of the key itself.
    6. Navigate to Access, then select Admin for the role.
    7. Select Generate.

    Download the newly created API Key file (.p8)

    1. Select the "Download API Key" link.

    The download link appears only if the private key has not yet been downloaded, and Apple does not keep a copy of the private key.

    Now that you have the file, upload it into the Communications Web Interface .

    1. Sign in to your Communications Web Interface.
    2. Navigate to SETTINGS → App Config → Global App Settings → Certificates tab
    3. Under iOS Secrets sessions, enter the Issuer ID, Key ID and upload the .p8 file.
    4. Select Submit.



    How to generate API key for Android


    Download the credentials file (.JSON) from your Google Developers Service Account.

    First, download the API key from the Play Store.

    1. Visit Google Play Console.
    2. Select Account Details on the left
      1. Copy the Developer Account ID to a notepad.
    3. Select Setup, then select API access
      1. Select Choose a Project to Link, then select I agree.
    4. Select Create new Google Cloud Project, then Save. 
    5. Select the blue link View in Google Cloud Platform
      1. When it opens in a new tab, ensure on the top right that you’re logged into the correct gmail associated with your Google Play Console
    6. Hover over IAM & Admin on the left panel
      1. Select Service Accounts
    8. Set Service Account Name.
    9. Under the Service Account ID, verify that the Account ID you copied to the notepad shows here after “api-......”
    10. Select Create and Continue.
    11. Select the Select a Role.
      1. In the Filter bar, search and select Service Account User, then select Done.
    12. Select the three vertical dots under Actions
      1. Select Manage Keys
    13. Select Add Key
      1. Select Create new key
      2. In the popup window, make sure “JSON” is selected as the Key Type.
      3. Select Create
        1. The private key will be saved to your computer.
    14. Go back to the Google Play Console Tab and Reload the web page.
    15. Scroll down and Select the Blue Link Manage Play Console Permissions
    16. Go to Account Permissions, select Admin
    17. Select Invite User
      1. Select Send Invite

    Complete the process by uploading the JSON file to the Communications Web Interface.

    1. Sign in to your Communications Web Interface.
    2. Navigate to SETTINGS → App Config → Global App Settings → Certificates tab
    3. Upload the JSON file into the Android Secrets.
    4. Click Submit


    Upon Completion

    Inform the mobile app team to confirm you have completed the process by emailing In order for your app to be added to the next batch to receive updates, the app team must be notified.