Before You Begin

      Before You Begin...

      • Your Blackboard Project Team will

        • Partner with you through the implementation process.
        • Assist scheduling your services. 
        • Guide you through the template design.
        • Provide instruction and consultation.
        • Review key components in building and launching your website.
        • Guide the launch of your new site.
        • Provide access to a variety of help materials.

      Action Items

      • Action Items to Prepare

        • Identify your Core Project Team that will be your district's lead on the project for design, trainings, and content development. This may evolve through the phases of the implementation project.
        • Begin evaluating your current content to determine what is relevant and what is outdated.
        • Determine the date that you would like to "Launch" with your new site.
        • Identify roadblocks that may take away your dedicated time to the project. (IE, holidays, state testings, end of year activities, etc.).
        • Be prepared to schedule up to two-hour blocks of time for consultation services through the project. 


      • Made to Order
      • LDAP Process
      • UNAV
      • Google Analytics
      • Google Custom Search
      • Accessibility
      • Website
        Launch Guide
      • Design Ready
        Template Resources
      • Template Configuration Video
      • Template Configuration Guide
      • Community Engagement Integrated Features
      • Made to Order
      • Design Ready
        Template Tiers
      • Subscribe to CERC