Site Launch Consulting

      Site Launch Consultation

      • Objective: Virtual Site Launch Consultation (VSLC) is an add-on service. The Implementation Consultant will work with the core project team to analyze content on the current non Blackboard site, develop website navigation, and create strategies for content migration to the Blackboard Web Community Manager (WCM). Key focuses are ensuring consistency for district stakeholders as well as reviewing best practices for improving web content accessibility, and maximized use of WCM features.

        Prerequisite- completion of onboarding instructional meetings.

        Below is a sample overview, your Implementation Consultant will customize the agenda based on the specific needs identified during the instructional meetings. 

        Overview of Virtual Site Launch Consultation Agenda

        • Assist with the site set up and user account access.
        • Consult on the navigational structure and Homepage layouts.
        • Build custom Page Types and Section Configurations.
        • Assign Site Channels & create Sections.
        • Assign Subsite Channels & create Subsite Sections.
        • Begin content migration.
        • Verify and assign permissions.
        • Develop a completion plan.

        *Due to COVID, all Sessions are currently Virtual until further notice.


      • Website
        Launch Guide
      • Accessibility
      • Design Ready
        Template Tiers
      • Design Ready
        Template Resources
      • Template Configuration Guide
      • Template Configuration Video
      • Made to Order
      • Made to Order
      • Community Engagement Integrated Features
      • Subscribe to CERC
      • LDAP Process
      • UNAV
      • Google Analytics
      • Google Custom Search

      Implementation Process