Implementation Check-In Meetings

      Check-In Meetings

      • During pre-launch, Districts may choose to particpate in up to three 90-minute sessions with their Implementation Consultant.  

        Objective: For the district's core project team to meet with your Implementation Consultant for assistance continue to create content and prepare for launch.

        Potential Topics

        • Consultation Meeting 1: Content Creation Check-In
        • Consultation Meeting 2: Site Review Results and Next Steps
        • Consultation Meeting 3: Instruction & Consultation Verification

      Action Items

      • Schedule Your Meetings

        Following each instructional meeting, the district team will receive guided directions and next steps.

        Meeting Details

        • Format: Live trainer offers session via Blackboard Collaborate
        • Audience: Up to 5 participants (Core Project Team)
        • Length: Up to 90 minutes per session
        • Recording: You will receive follow up notes that include a downloadable recording of the session.

        Meeting Times

        • Monday & Wednesday (9am ET, 12pm ET, 3pm ET) OR
        • Tuesday & Thursday (9am ET, 12pm ET, 3pm ET)
        • Suggested:
          • 1 session per week for 6 weeks OR
          • 2 sessions per week for 3 weeks


      • Website
        Launch Guide
      • Accessibility
      • Design Ready
        Template Tiers
      • Design Ready
        Template Resources
      • Template Configuration Guide
      • Template Configuration Video
      • Made to Order
      • Made to Order
      • Community Engagement Integrated Features
      • Subscribe to CERC
      • LDAP Process
      • UNAV
      • Google Analytics
      • Google Custom Search

      Implementation Process