Project Kick Off

      Project Kick Off

      • Objective: Meet your Project Manager and receive an overview of the implementation process.

        Introductions and Project Roles

        • Client Project Team
        • Blackboard Project Team
          • Project Manager: Primary contact to coordinate, scope, and track the project.
          • Implementation Consultant: Instructional and product expert that will partner with you through the whole process with best practices and tips in setting up your website.
          • Creative Team: Our Creative Team will meet with you to determine your branding needs and how we can satisfy them using our Templates.
          • Account Executive: Your Account Executive helps you navigate Blackboard's products and services to build a custom solution for your district's evolving communication and branding strategies.
          • Client Success Manager: As a member of the Client Success team, the Client Success Manager (CSM) helps ensure you and your district are provided with the proper support needed to help you succeed. The CSM will also do check-ins to ensure your Blackboard services are running smoothly, and to support you by helping address any kind of questions or feedback that you might have.

        Review Blackboard Implementation Timeline and Launch Website Target Date

        Overview of Implementation Process

        • Instructional Meetings
        • Creative Design Meeting (if purchased)
        • Website Consultation and Setup:
          • Site Launch Consultation, (if purchased)
          • Content Migration, (if purchased)
          • User Management and LDAP, (if purchased)
          • Premium Plus (if purchased)
        • Launch website

      Next Steps

        • Complete required Instructional Meetings (within first three to six weeks of implementation).
        • Review purchased design template(s).
        • Complete your Creative Design Meeting (if purchased).
        • Complete Virtual Site Launch Consultation (if purchased).
        • Evaluate current website and begin to identify relevant vs. outdated content.
        • Identify your domain name and targeted launch date.
          • Review the domain update process
          • If your domain is state-owned, reach out to your state contact early in the process so they are aware that you are in the process of updating your website and provide them a timeframe of when your domain will need to be updated to point to your new website. 
        • Identify if your district will use LDAP, Google Sign in or other authentication method.


      • Website
        Launch Guide
      • Accessibility
      • Design Ready
        Template Tiers
      • Design Ready
        Template Resources
      • Template Configuration Guide
      • Template Configuration Video
      • Made to Order
      • Made to Order
      • Community Engagement Integrated Features
      • Subscribe to CERC
      • LDAP Process
      • UNAV
      • Google Analytics
      • Google Custom Search

      Implementation Process