Project Kick Off

  • Agenda

    Objective: Meet your Project Manager, receive an overview of the implementation project and gain access to Bb Communication portal

    • Introductions and Project roles: 
      • Client Project Team
      • Blackboard Project Team
        • Project Manager: Primary contact who will coordinate, scope, and track the project
        • Educational Consultant: Product expert to guide you through best practices and tips in setting up your website
        • Data Integration Specialist: Data expert to map, import, and integrate data
      Project Overview:
      • Data Integration
      • Data Verification
      • Training/Product Walkthrough
      • Close Out
    • Review Blackboard Implementation Guide
      • Identify Implementation Team Roles and Responsibilities 
      • Discuss implementation timeline, goals and objectives
    • Next steps: Prepare for the Initial Consultation and Data Kick Off Meeting
      • Look for an invitation to the Initial Consultation from your Consultant 
      • Invite your Data/IT Team and be prepared to discuss your data options and systems

    Tasks to Complete

    • Identify District Implementation Team
    • Gather dates/times for initial consultation over the next week with your team; confirm with Consultant
    • Review the Preparation Documentation prior to your Initial Consultation