Training and Evaluation

  • Agenda

    Objective: Understand Ally scores and reports as well as accessibility best practices.

    • Watch Training videos for Ally

    Training Videos: 

    Session Title & Topics Access Video
    Ally Overview
    Accessibility, Tool, checker, score, Ally
    Session Recording
    Ally - Reports
    Trend report, Usage report, Alternative Format
    Session Recording
    Ally - Trending, Section, and Usage Reports
    Ally, Widget, Reports
    Session Recording

    Ally - Heading Reports
    Session Recording

    Ally - Editor Feedback
    Feedback to correct issues
    Session Recording
    Ally Alternate Formates
    What are alternative formats, where to find, Tagged PDF, HTML, ePub,Electronic braille, Audio, BeeLine, Translated version
    Session Recording
    Accessibility A - Headings and lists
    Headings, When to use, How to use, H1, H2, H3, H4
    Session Recording
    Accessibility B - Links & Images
    Accessible Links, Accessible Images
    Session Recording
    Accessibility C - Color and Tables
    Color, Tables, Color Contrast Checker
    Session Recording

    Tasks to Complete

    • Complete Training sessions linked above