Promote App on Blackboard Website

  • If your district uses Web Community Manager and the Mobile Communications App, promote app downloads from your website.
    From the Mobile Communications App portal interface:
    1. Navigate to Settings > App Config > App Promotion to access code and links as well as the App Launch Kit*
    *Note - If you’ve purchased a Mobile Communications App Launch Service package:
    Your assigned Mobile App Specialist will proactively discuss additional ideas for promoting the app to best meet your district needs. Customized promotional materials created by Blackboard, for example the app launch video, can be posted to your website.
    In Web Community Manager site manager there are multiple options for promoting the app:
    1. Add the Embed Code app to your Home Page and paste in code from App Promotion
    2. If you have a Site Shortcuts or Link Library app on the homepage add Download Our Mobile App links going to the iTunes and Google Play store links
    3. If you’ve used the App Launch Kit to create instructions or information for users, post these materials on a prominent location on your website. For example, the For Parents or For Students channel.
    4. Create a Headlines & Features or Announcement on the district homepage detailing key features of the app.