Add Blackboard Website Feeds to App

  • If your district uses Web Community Manager* and the Mobile Communications App, learn about which feeds from the website can be configured to display in the app.
    *Note – If your Web Community Manager is self-hosted or third-party hosted, there may be additional setup and pricing involved to establish the connection. Your Project Manager will be able to confirm.
    From the Mobile Communications App portal interface:
    1. Navigate to Settings > App Config > Click on Org Name > Feeds and/or Calendars tabs
    2. Select the Add BB Website Feeds globe icon.
    3. From the pop-up window click Add to the right of the app(s) you wish to pull in from your website homepages. If your district is new to the Mobile Communications App, our Mobile App team may have already added in feeds during the initial app build process.
    The Add BB Website Feed* option detects the following types of apps from your website homepages:
    *Note – The integration currently detects the standard versions of Web Community Manager apps. If your district has worked with our creative team on customized homepage apps, including Headlines & Features and Multi-media Rotator, the integration cannot currently detect these app versions.
    1. News: Blog, Announcements, Headlines & Features, Podcast
    2. Photos: Photo Gallery, Rotating Images
    3. Calendars: Calendar, Lunch Menu