Data Verification

  • Agenda

    Objective: Verify that the data in the Blackboard portal is mapping correctly and matches what displays in your data systems. Once verified, we will move forward with scheduling Training. 

    Please Note: This is a crucial final step to move forward with Training and Close Out.

    • Review product and data with your Consultant and Data Integration Specialist to verify the data integration for completeness and accuracy
    • Determine if there are any errors or anomalies
      • If errors or anomalies are found, a final Punch List will be created to document outstanding items, so they can be resolved by your Data Integration Specialist
    • Sign Off on Data Integration Phase


    Tasks to Complete

    • Login to the portal and follow the steps provided by your Consultant to verify data
      • Members of your team will need to have access to your data systems during this call so that you can compare data in the portal to data in your data systems
    • Sign off on the Data Integration Phase, or work with your Consultant and Data Integration Specialist to produce a final Punch List of outstanding items.
      • If a Punch List is required, the Data Integration Phase will close when the Punch List is verified as complete.