Initial Consultation

  • Agenda

    Objective: Meet your Consultant and Data Integration Specialist, review the product best practices, gain access to Bb Communication portal and discuss secure transfer of data from all applicable systems into the Blackboard Communications portal via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

    NOTE: Blackboard is dedicated to helping keep your information secure so please, don’t ever email staff, parent, or student files. These should be shared through the established SFTP site.

    • Product Walk-Through
    • Confirm Systems for Integration. File specifications for each data type can be accessed via:
      • Student Information System
      • Cafeteria Management System (optional)
      • Transportation Management System (optional)
      • Staff/HR Systems (optional)
      • Data Link: You can use Data Link for scheduling data extraction and transfer to SFTP: Access the DataLink Install and Setup Guide here.
      • SFTP: You can also push your data to an SFTP site from your locally installed or hosted database systems. You will be provided the Host Name, Username, and Password. Please let your Data Integration Specialist know if you require assistance.
    • Create Admin login accounts in Bb Comms portal and review training resources


    Tasks to Complete

    • Install Data Transfer software (own or Blackboard’s in-house)
    • Use existing, or create own, queries.
    • Send data files and confirm data is coming over
    • Set schedule(s) for daily file transfers