Blackboard Password Generation Tool

  • Overview

    The Blackboard Password Generation Tool is an excellent way to mass distribute account credentials to Parents and Students. You will have the option to use this tool to email or print and deliver user credentials to admins.

    Choosing Usernames

    Usernames can be imported as part of your parent or student file, or they can be defaulted to being a user's Parent or Student ID. If you would like usernames to be something different, there are two options you can use when determining what you would like the username to be for your users.

    1. You can provide us with a field in the file that contains the usernames you would like us to import. 

    2. You can provide us with the format of the username from data we are already receiving from you. (i.e. firstname.lastname)

    note: if providing a new convention/format not explicitly listed in your files, you will need to plan against potential duplication of usernames (example: john.doe may be a common and repetitious convention)

    Password Generation Tool

    1. Select the “Accounts” tab and then select the “Generate Passwords” subtab.

     Generate Password screenshot

    1. Select the appropriate filter to meet your organization’s needs
    2. Select accounts by:
      1. Using the folders to filter down to your desired user(s)
      2. Using the “Search” bar in the bottom left corner to find the desired account
        Note: Manually created accounts will appear after the next nightly sync.

    3. Select the “Next-Options” button.

      Filter users screenshot
    4. Review the on-screen text/instructions and select the “Generate Passwords” button. Instructions
    5. Choose the delivery method you wish to deploy from the options below:

    Send passwords screenshot