Premium Launch Materials

  • If you have purchased the Premium Launch Materials, together you and your project manager will decide on the different modules you would like in your branded App Promotional Video. You can select these modules from the highlight module sheet.

    Once you have decided on these modules our mobile app team will do the rest. They will incorporate your district logo and begin branding your promotional material.

    In the Premium Launch Materials, you will receive the following items:

    • Branded App Promotional Video
    • Branded Print Material with District logo and District name
    • Boiler Plate Templates including Press Release, Flyer, Email, Postcard, and more
    • Branded Web Banners
    • Branded Email Attachments
    • Branded Social Media Cards

    Going live with your Mobile app:

    Together you and your Project Manager will decide when you would like to officially go live with your Mobile Communications App.