Kick Off

  • Agenda

    Objective: Meet your Project Manager, receive an overview of the implementation project, and discuss next steps.

    • Introductions and Project roles: 
      • Client Team
      • Blackboard Team
        • Project Manager: Coordinate, scope, and track the project
        • Mobile App Team: Configures mobile app, creates designs for app background and store images, initiates submission and approval of mobile app
        • Data Integration Specialist: Data expert to map, import, and integrate data
        • Trainer: Conduct the purchased training session(s) as scheduled throughout the project
        • Educational Consultant: Product expert to guide you through best practices and tips in setting up your mobile app.
      Review App implementation timeline: 
      • Setup App Developer Accounts: We will schedule a meeting with a Mobile App Specialist to walk through the steps of creating your Developer Accounts. 
      • Configuration and Submission: Our team will help you get started with the initial setup of your app by reviewing your website and pulling in relevant information such as calendars, social media feeds, resources, and button creation for useful links. Our goal is to save you time by providing an app that already has content populated. We will also submit your app for initial approval to iTune and GooglePlay app stores, making it much quicker for you to publish it when you are ready. 
      • Training: Once you've completed training on how to configure the app, you will have full control over adding or removing feeds, resources, and links.
      • App Review: After training, you will review your app with your Educational Consultant and determine if you'd like to adjust anything before you launch (or "publish") your app.
      • Launch: Once your app is ready to launch, you will need to publish it in both iTunes and GooglePlay for others to download. 
    • Review objectives and deliverables

    Tasks to Complete

    • Email your logo, app short name, and long name to your Project Manager
    • Complete the App Launch Materials form (if purchased)
    • Please be prepared to setup your App Developer Accounts by having the following information available:  
      • Have a credit card or prepaid card with $25 (for Google fee)
      • Your organization’s D-U-N-S Identification number and legal entity name 
      • Your organization’s EIN/Tax ID 
      • Access to Apple device 
    • Resources to review to help you better prepare:
    • Download General ParentLink app from app store on a mobile device
    • Review the Data Prep Sheet and be prepared to provide the following details in your Data Integration meeting:
      • Technical Contact(s) from your district who will work with our Data Team to setup the integration
      • Student Information System, Hosted or Onsite
      • HR Software (if independent of your SIS), Hosted or Onsite
      • Cafeteria Point-of-Sale Software, Hosted or Onsite
      • Library Softare, Hosted or Onsite
      • Transportation Software, Hosted or Onsite