Before You Begin

  • As you begin preparing for your project Kick Off, here are a few tasks you may wish to review:

    • Begin to compile a list of resources your users will want to easily access in the app. Our team will give you a head start by reviewing your district website and pulling in relevant information to build the foundation of the app. This typically includes calendars, social media feeds, resources and button creation for useful links. Our goal is to save you time by providing an app that already has content populated. Once you've completed training on how to configure the app, you will have full control over adding or removing feeds, resources, and links.
    • Decide upon the system(s) you would like to use for data synchronization and engage the proper contact for accessing data within each system. The point person that can access the data within your systems will meet with your assigned Data Specialist to get the right data setup. We can integrate with the following types of systems:
      • Student information system
      • Cafeteria management system
      • Transportation system
      • Staff / HR systems
    • Set a target launch date for when you’ll begin to publicize the new app. Once you confirm the app artwork and app names and verify the data ingetration, we will submit the app to Apple and Google Play for approval. This process can take up to 8 weeks. Review the Launch Guide for helpful tips and templates to prep for getting the word out.