Preparing to Go Public: Domain Redirect

  • 1. Provide Domain Information

    • Blackboard Web Community Manager sites are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). At least 2-3 weeks before your launch date, your Project Manager will send you an email requesting the following information:
    • Website Domain(s)
      • Amazon Web Services will only allow us to host one primary domain.
    • Subdomain(s)
      • Please complete the subdomain spreadsheet and send to your Project Manager.

    2. Validate SSL Certificate

    • Your Project Manager will submit a request, on your behalf,  to our Hosting Team to issue an Amazon SSL Certificate for your primary domain.
    • You (or your IT contact) will need to verify that you own or control this domain by creating the validation CNAME entry in your Domains zone file. Please see the email from your Project Manager with the CNAME instructions.
    • Follow-up with your Project Manager after you or your IT contact have completed the validation CNAME update. 

    3. Go Live!

    • Once validated, your Project Manager will provide you with the details to update your CNAME or A-Record on your DNS to point your domain to your new website. Do not update your CNAME or A-Record until you are ready to go live
    • Once you are ready to go live with your new website, you will have control to repoint your URL with the CNAME or A-Record information provided by your Project Manager. Please note, once you complete this step, your website URL will begin to point to your new Blackboard website immediately.

      Please note:

      a. Once you complete the URL updates on your end it may take up to 24 hours for the changes to propagate.
      b. It is important to be aware if both internal and external DNS records need to be updated for the domain changes to reflect externally and internally within your district.
      c. Do not remove the initial validation CNAME from your DNS as it will allow for the SSL to renew in the coming years.