Teacher Rollout

  • When rolling out the new website and teacher sections to your staff, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

    • Teacher guides, tutorials, and help cards can be found here. This is a great resource to provide directly to your teachers.
    • Once logged in, an editor's Site Manager view will only provide access to the section(s) he/she can edit.
    • You can emulate a user by going to Users and Groups > Users and selecting "Emulate User" located in the More dropdown on the far right of the users name

    Training Options:

    • Bb Lead Train the Trainer: Our Training Team can train your site administrators and website support team to prepare you for training your internal staff.
    • Bb Lead User Training: Our Training Team can train your department heads, school principals and webmasters, and/or teachers directly.
    • District Lead Training: Your team completes internal training on your own.
    Sample Agenda:
    • Website Rollout Plan (Go Live Date, Expected Date for Teacher use)
    • Logging In (provide URL, login information, and steps)
    • Site Manager Overview (Summary Tab, Current Pages, Common Tools)
    • Editing a Section (Add a New Page, Organizing Pages, Page Options)
    • Common Apps Overview
    • Review Help Resources located here.
    • Examples of Teacher Pages: Teacher Page Example 1, Teacher Page Example 2, Teacher Page Example 3