Google Site Search

  • You have the option of choosing what search engine powers your site search. You may want to sign up for Google Custom Search. It offers many benefits, including the indexing of file contents so they can be included in search results and statistics about your searches, so you can see what visitors are searching for.

    Click here for a guide with screenshots of the setup process

    Sign up for a Google Custom Search Engine

    • Sign into Google and navigate to If you don’t have a Google account, you’ll need to create one.
    • Under Edit Search Engines, click New Search Engine.
    • Under Sites to Search, enter the URL of your site.
    • In the Name your Search Engine field, provide a name for the Search Engine.
    • Click Create.
    • Click Control Panel
    • On your Control Panel, on the Basics tab, select ‘Search Engine ID’.
    • Copy that ID.

    If you want to remove advertisements from the search results, you may be able to opt out of advertisements.

    • In the Google Custom Search Engine Control Panel, click Business.
    • Review Google’s verbiage on advertising status. If you qualify, you can select ‘Do not show ads on results pages.’

    Add the code to your site:

    • In your Site Manager, navigate to Configure > System Settings > Integration tab.
    • Under Search Engine Type, select ‘Google’.
    • Paste the ID you copied above into the Google Account ID field.
    • Click Save.