In-house Site Launch Consulting

  • Most clients find that being removed from the daily work environment allows them to focus on the task of getting the website up and running. Our facility provides all of the necessary tools and training materials. You just need to bring yourself and any content that you want to add to your website.

  • Topics covered

    1. Review of WCM prerequisite trainings
    2. Site Structure and Navigation
      1. Development of custom Page Types and Section Configurations
      2. Creation of District Channels & Sections
      3. Creation of Subsite (School) Channels & Sections
    3. Creation of Consistent Homepage Content: District & Schools
    4. Utilizing WCM Tools and Apps as desired: Forms, MiniBase, Friendly Web Address, Social Settings
    5. Content Migration Instruction, Best Practices and Strategies
    6. Additional Training (time allowing)
    7. Development of Completion Plan
In house
  • SLC Preparation

    To make the most of the time, please consider the following as part of your preparation. Your assigned trainer can answer any questions about these:

    • A first draft of navigation (Channels/Sections)
    • Images 
    • Staff Directory import 
    • Calendar Event import
    • User import