Onsite Consulting

  • Combine Website Strategy Planning and consultations with any of our offerings to maximize the value of having a Training Specialist at your location. Contact your Blackboard representative to discuss available options.

    Sample Topics

    • Review of WCM trainings
    • Site Structure and Navigation
    • Development of custom Page Types and Section Configurations
    • Creation of District Channels & Sections
    • Creation of Subsite (School) Channels & Sections
    • Creation of Consistent Homepage Content: District & Schools
    • Utilizing WCM Tools and Apps as desired: Forms, MiniBase, Friendly Web Address, Social Settings
    • Content Migration Instruction, Best Practices and Strategies
    • Additional Training (time allowing)
    • Development of Completion Plan
  • Session Preparation

    To make the most of the time, please consider the following as part of your preparation. Your assigned trainer can answer any questions about these:

    • A first draft of navigation (Channels/Sections)
    • Images 
    • Staff Directory import 
    • Calendar Event import
    • User import