Website Help for Parents and Visitors

  • Welcome! Statistics show that student achievement is directly influenced by how involved and engaged their family and community are in their education. Our solution helps you to create open, two-way communication within the school, family and community to create a positive and supportive learning environment.

    We've assembled all of the guides, help cards and tutorials to help you use your school's website as the engaging resource it is meant to be.

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  • Registered Users Can Sign-in

    If you are registered user, you can sign-in to see details specific to you.

    1. From the website, select Sign In.
    2. Type your username and password. This is provided by the school.
    3. Select Sign In.

    Sign-in screen

    Sign in with Google

    If your school has turned it on, you can sign in with your GoogleTM account. This means one less username and password to remember.

    1. If available, select Sign in with Google.
    2. Provide your Google email address and select Next.
    3. Provide your Google password and select Next to sign in with Google.

    What information does Google share with Blackboard?

    Google sends a Google ID, basic profile information, and your Google email address to Blackboard to enable you to sign in to your Web Community Manager account. The basic profile information includes your first and last name, email, image, and locale (region and language).

    No other personal information is shared and your Google account remains secure.

    Blackboard does not share any information with Google and your Blackboard account remains secure.

  • Review your notifications!

    Hey parents and students! Forgot the details of the notification you listened to or read the other day? You can check out your past notifications while using your school’s website!

    Notification icon

    But I don’t have the Notification icon – where are my messages?
    The inbox is only available for any district that has purchased the Integrated Student Data add-on for the Web Community Manager, and also has either the Blackboard Mobile Communications app or Blackboard Mass Notifications product. If your district does not incorporate these products, you will not have an inbox.

    When you select the Notification icon from your dashboard, the list of messages – emails, text messages, phone messages, and app messages – appear.


    All the messages from your school will be available. To access a message, select it from the list.

    Message page  

    You can replay messages and delete messages.


    If you are on sites that are integrated with the Mobile Communications App or Mass Notifications, or both, can see their alerts in Notifications in the site Dashboard.

    The different alert types include: Low Assignment Score, Cafeteria Balance, Class Grade Update, Assignment Graded, and Missing Assignment. Users can select each alert for more information regarding it. For example, if they select the Cafeteria Balance they see the balance for each student they are related to.