Display Tip Line on Blackboard Website

  • If your district uses Web Community Manager and the Tip Line feature of the Mobile Communications App, make the tip line accessible from your website.
    From the Mobile Communications App portal interface:
    1. Navigate to Settings > Click on org > Settings – Tip Line > Copy Widget code
    Note - Step by step instructions for using Tip Line are available via: https://help.blackboard.com/Community_Engagement/Administrator/District_and_School_Settings/Configure_Organization_Options/Tip_Line
    In Web Community Manager site manager:
    1. Add the Embed Code app to your Home Page and paste in the Tip Line Widget code
    2. View the front end of your website and test filling out the Tip Line form.
    Contact our Blackboard Communications Support team if any assistance is needed with the Tip Line feature:
    Phone: 1.800.829.8107

    Email: bbcommssupport@blackboard.com

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