Data Requirements

  • Full use of Teacher Messaging requires you to produce and automate several files [see table below]. These same files will be directly applicable to the balance of products listed within the product suite also found in the table. Your Project Manager will outline the required integration activities and a Data Specialist will advise you on the production of your data files and then import the files.

    You may take advantage of standardized Blackboard integrations in place for various K-12 systems.  Your Project Manager will alert you if Blackboard has an integration for your affected system(s). Otherwise, you will need to produce files consistent with the file specifications linked below. In all cases, you should verify the integration methods, even when using a standardized Blackboard integration, to ensure the data being produced in your files is consistent with your use of your software product. example: mapping of phone numbers

    You are required to automate the transfer of your files to a secure FTP site for Blackboard processing. You are invited to use the free Blackboard file transfer tool, DataLink. Your Project Manager will discuss file transfer during the project kick off and subsequent meetings.

    Link to File Specifications:

    data specs

    The above image represents all data files which can be implemented per product. But the specific files required may vary depending on the features that a customer chooses to implement.

    Note: Blackboard products have the capacity for full function and feature at the time of deployment. However, you may have insufficient data (or insufficient access to data) to take full advantage of the system or service you have purchased. It is ultimately your responsibility to provide the required/available data to populate the various Blackboard products. Blackboard is not responsible for incomplete product availability due to data limitations.